We started off the weekend with a cocktail in Alex, a cafe/restaurant with the most amazing view over the Innenalster. It is definitely worth going to, the prices are absolutely fine and they are open from 8 am to 1am (3am weekends). Address: Jungfernstieg 54 20354 Hamburg (Telefon: 040 35 01 870)

Tarterie St. Pauli

collage tarterie

On saturday we planned to go to the “Tarterie St. Pauli”, a place I found on a German Food Blog about 6 months ago and have been excited since. We were not disappointed!  The Tarterie is a small café that serves a variety of “Flammkuchen” and Quiches as well as breakfast (eggs, omlettes, etc.) and changing menus of soups, cakes and other lovely sweet things. The café itself is very comfortable and the open plan kitchen gives it a very homely feeling. The quality of the food was absolutely incredible and definitely worth the price. We ordered an Elsäßer Flammkuchen and one with goats cheese and honey, delicious. This is one of those places that you wish you’d  have round the corner to go there all the time! It is located in St. Pauli (Paul-Roosen-Str.31, 22767 Hamburg) and easy to walk to from the Reeperbahn S-Bahn station. You should definitely have a look at their Facebook page where they post pictures of their amazing food and all the other things that are going on.

KD Torten

On our 7 hour long shopping trip through the city, we found this wonderful shop for cake decorations: KD Torten (Colonnaden 3, 20354 Hamburg). They sell everything for making and decorating cupcakes, cakes, wedding cakes and they even have a studio in the back where they offer cake decoration courses. I have never seen that many Wilton products in my life before and could not decide what I wanted to buy.  I ended up buying

a new cake tin (not Wilton, but a professional one) – so excited to try it out soon! They do have a large online shop with all their products and information about the courses they offer.

Tower Bar


The Tower Bar is a small cocktail bar in a  62 meters tall tower overlooks the “Landungsbrücken” and allows a 360°C view of the city. It is located in the Hotel Hafen Hamburg (Seewartenstraße 9,20459 Hamburg) and is open until daily from 6pm to 2am. They offer a large cocktail menu with prices ranging around 9 Euros. We tried a Strawberry Caipirinha and a Mojito Cassis, both very nice. The bar gets very busy at weekends and I think we were very lucky to get a seat without a long wait. It is best to book a table in advance (040 / 31 11 3-70 450).

This is the amazing view from up there:

Foto 3

Kochhaus – St.  Georg

The Kochhaus’ self-description is a “walk-in recipe book” and in my eyes a genius idea! There are two Kochhäuser in Berlin and four in Hamburg, we visited the one in St. Georg (Lange Reihe 60,
20099 Hamburg). The concept of the shops is to provide recipes with the exact fresh ingredients all on one table. They offer starters, mains and desserts ranging from 2-12 Euros per person. I took two pictures to give you an idea of what it looks like (apologies for the bad quality):Foto 2

FotoIn addition to the recipes and ingredients they sell fine salts, sauces and all sorts of deli foods. They deliver their recipes and ingredients as well, check out their website for more information!


Mutterland is a delicatessen shop with café (three locations in Hamburg). The shop itself is full of rare delicatessen, often from small, local and organic producers. Products range from manufactured chocolate, tea and coffee, jams, honey, chutneys, mustard, spices, drinks to a fresh range of milk, cheese, Wurst and a variety of bakes (biscuits, cake, bread). The café attached to the shop serves coffee and cakes as well as breakfast. We treated ourselves a little bit and ordered the breakfast for two that included all the goodies of the breakfast menu (including a hot drink and juice). Everything they serve for breakfast is from their shop range (including an amazing liver paté with thyme) so that the price of 32 Euros is definitely worth it. We didn’t manage to finish all the food but the waitress offered us to take the rest home (we did of course 😉 ). The main shop is located right next to the main station Ernst-Merck-Straße 9 (Ecke Kirchenallee) in 20099 Hamburg. 


Friends of Frozen Yoghurt

I love frozen yoghurt and I love the fact that it becomes more and more common on this side of the big ocean. This shop is a very colourful place serving at least 6 different flavours and a huge variety of toppings. The pictures were taken in their “flagstore” in Lange Reihe 81, 20099 Hamburg, there are two more shops, one in Hamburg and the other one in Bremen.



Foto 5

The Witthüs is a lovely tea house that turns into a restaurant in the evening. They serve brunch, cake, and their famous spiced bread during the day as well. It is located in Hamburg-Blankenese (Elbchaussee 499a, 22587 Hamburg).

Foto 6



Mrs Beeton

Foto 3

This new version of the book by Gerard Baker provides modern versions of the recipes with relating to the originals that Mrs. Beeton published in the 19th century. I can happily recommend both the original Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management and this new version called Mrs. Beeton How to Cook, so get at least one of the two 😉

Available online (Amazon), bookshops and cookery shops (e.g. Lakeland) for 16 -20 Pounds.

Madison London

A few weeks ago I spent a lovely evening at Madison, a restaurant located behind St. Pauls in London. The restaurant has been recommended to us and we did not know what to expect at all. The address 1 New Change, St. Paul’s is a shopping centre located in the middle of stock exchange offices. The restaurant and the separate Tapas bar are located on the rooftop of this complex and has a large terrace with a beautiful view over London’s skyline.

Entering the restaurant was quite a contrast to the calm setting of the terrace however. It was extremely loud and crowded, but mostly in the bar and drinks area of the restaurant. The food was amazing! I ordered Pata Negra as a starter and a Burger for main.Both were delicious and the portions were perfect.

They also do a “Deluxe Burger” with Foie gras and bone marrow, served with truffle fries. I am not too keen on Foie Gras, but those fries – heaven!

The prices range from 7-21 Pounds for starters and 17-32 Pounds for mains. I think the quality of the food absolutely worth the price.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening with nice food and drink. The restaurant is a popular spot in London and therefore quite busy. It is necessary to book a table in advance, but we managed to get one on the same day. So I recommend you go there when you happen to be in London Town :)

Their website:


Our trip to Chicago was great and there are a few places that we liked most.

My very favourite number one place is Fox & Obel, a gourmet market with cafe and bistro attached. It is not the cheapest place but the quality of every single product is absolutely stunning. We like to get food for a picnic here and eat it at the beaches around Wilmette or Winnetka north of Chicago or at the Ravinia music festival.

Here are some examples of the foods that we tried (I couldnt get many pictures because my family was too fast in eating everything 😉 ):

Guacamole with Tomato Salsa on top. Absolutely creamy and tasty, the best guacamole I’ve ever had!

This chocolate tart is pure chocolate delight. A thin crust of chocolate tart filled with dark chocolate ganache! Yum.

This is a very interesting little thing. The “grizzly biscuit” is made of salted peanuts, caramel and white chocolate. A nice combination of flavours and a great accompaniment to coffee.

For breakfast we like to go to The Corner Bakery. They serve savoury sandwiches with scrambled eggs or oatmeal muesli with fresh fruit, the perfect breakfast for us jet-lagged Europeans.

This is the Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal my personal favourite.

Gino’s East Pizza of Chicago is famous for their deep-dish pizza and when Americans say deep dish, they mean deep:

My sister and me decided to share a large pizza with 8 slices, we made it through two pieces each and couldn’t possibly eat any more. We had the pepperoni pizza with a one cm layer of cheese and tons of tomato sauce. My other sister ordered the sausage pizza that looked like this:

Incredible pizza but we couldnt even see pizza for days after eating this!

For lunch we tried several foodcourts in the city centre. There is a very large one in the Chase building (10 S Dearborn) with great choice of all sorts of foods. Another nice one is located in Macy’s in the Loop (111 N State) with a great salad bar and Chicago style hot dogs.

Overall this was a great holiday with great food in a wonderful city.

Measuring Spoons


A very helpful tool in the kitchen!

Available online:

Covent Garden Market

London a few weeks before christmas is very overcrowded.
But there are some nice places that one has definitely got to go to!
Covent Garden is certainly one of these places. Ideal for food-lovers, there is a deli market serving fresh takeaway food and speciality foods.
You will find very different things from corn crepes to German sausages and mustard to Paninis, burgers and even sweet things like pastries.
The prices vary between 3£ and 5£ per portion, but it seems worth the quality of the food.

I had a buffalo mozzarella and Parma ham panini and it was delicious:


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