Munich & Chicago

After a long revision period and exams I was more than ready to go on holiday this year. I travelled to Munich, Chicago, and Boston in September and wanted to share a places and foods that I tried.

Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures in Munich but my favourite place by far was the Schrannenhalle near the Viktualienmarkt (Viktualienmarkt 15,80331 München). It was first built as a grain trade hall in 1853 but destroyed in a fire in 1932. Todays building was erected in 2003 and provides space for restaurants, delicatessen stalls, and a grocery shop in an open-plan design. In addition to the delicatessen upstairs you can find a Milka World in the basement of the hall – a must go to when you Milka chocolate (like me) 🙂 Check out the website for nice photos and information!


After my very short trip to Munich I travelled to the US for two weeks. As always we had an amazing time and ate more than we should have, but it was worth the extra pounds on my waist 😉
Craving savoury foods due to our jetlag, we started our first morning in the Pancake House . And they served us a hell of a breakfast! We tried two different kinds of scrambled eggs, bacon pancakes and a steak skillet (between the four of us of course 😉 ), all very good!

IMG_3999 IMG_3998 IMG_3997 IMG_3996

One thing we really had to do again was to eat a Deep Dish Pizza… This time we got a table in Gino’s East in 162 E Superior and got a small pizza each! To my own surprise two of us even managed to finish it.


Another thing we like to do when in Chicago is to watch a Cubs game at the legendary Wrigley Field Stadium. This time, we spent some time in the area before and went for dinner at the “Old Crow Smokehouse”. Both food and beer were very tasty and the fact that the weather was nice and the roof open made it even better. We tried the Brisket, Pulled Pork (Salad), and a Burger as well as the Sam Adams Seasonal (Oktoberfest) and the “Not your Father’s Rootbeer”.

IMG_4073 IMG_4074 IMG_4075 IMG_4076

The next day we were looking for a place that I didn’t manage to go to last time I was in the city – Vanille Patisserie. We went all the way to their old (and closed) shop first before finding the new one in 2108 N Clark St, but it was worth the travel. The first thing you see when you walk past the large shop windows are stunningly beautiful cakes that range from classical wedding cakes with crystal decorations to a Lincoln Zoo cake with a large giraffe, AMAZING! After trying to make a few stacked cakes covered and decorated with fondant in the past years, I know how hard it is and I appreciate the art of it even more 😀
Inside, we tried some of their famous macarons (of which we got a complimentary one each) and a tea-sized bruleed passion fruit tart. I am not particularly fond of macarons, but these ones were delicious. Tarts on the other hand, I like very much and this was was just absolutely perfect!








Another good spontaneous finding was the Standard Market Grill at 444 W Fullerton Pkwy! Looking at the menu it was impossible to decide from all the beautiful options. We ended up getting a burger with blue cheese and caramelised onions in a pretzel bun, a mediterranean salad with salmon and a goats cheese burger in a foccacia bread. It was super delicious and the service was excellent! Next time you go to Lincoln Zoo you should stop by there for sure!

Another must-go-to is the Eataly shop at 43 E Ohio Street! It is a foodie heaven, especially when you like Italian food. It is a large food store with 23 eateries inside. You can find everything from fine patisserie, a Nutella restaurant to Mozarella, Fish and Meat restaurants. The concept of the shop is very open plan which  means you can stroll around the shop with a glass of wonderful Italian wine.

On my last night in town we went to get some real American-Italian food at Volare at 201 E Grand Ave. Eventhough we booked a table for 8 we had to wait for more than half an hour but we didn’t mind at all! While waiting we could watch a whole dozen of chefs in the open (and tiny!) kitchen. I love watching people prepare food with a lot of passion and ease and that was exactly what they did in a pretty full restaurant. The food we ordered was very delicious and we didn’t remember to take any pictures before we dug in :/ sorry!

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