Good Food Magazine – “summer healthy diet plan”



I love the “BBC GoodFood” magazine and even though I live back in Germany now I have a monthly subscription to it 🙂 In this years July issue they write about a healthy diet plan for the summer which is supposed to make you feel “lighter, brighter, and more energetic in just nine days”. I don’t usually like recipe or diet plans but this one convinced me with some great recipes. At first I wanted to try a few of them for dinner but then I decided to just to the whole thing, why not?

The concept of this diet plan is to prepare your body for an overall cleanse in the first three days. For this, wholegrain products and yoghurt, as well as cooked and soaked foods rather than raw foods are used. Day 4 to 6 focusses on nurturing the skin from what you eat. The dishes are full of fattyacids and vitamins E and C as well as antioxidants. The last three days are dedicated to feeling more energetic and body-aware. Recipes keep blood sugar levels stable and contain protein in every meal. (all information from GoodFood magazine, July 2014)

Unfortunately, I don’t have nine days in a row at home where I could try out all the recipes. Instead, I will do the first 6 days and the other 3 days a bit later. I will keep you updated on the recipes and how I liked them. For some I already added some ingredients and changed them slightly, but generally I try to stick to the originals.


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