Birthday Cakes

I just realised that I never posted anything about the two biggest and time-consuming cakes that Ive made so far. To be honest I just came up with the recipes spontaneously so I can’t tell you exact measures. I will just show you what they looked like and anyone interested in recipes or information can message me 🙂 Unfortunately for both cakes, it was way too hot when I prepared them so that the fillings were a bit runny and the fondant very soft and ripped easily. I think I managed as well as I could but I should definitely try and make the next big one in winter time 😉


This cake was for my mums birthday last summer. I love to watch cake crafting shows on Food Network (Ace of Cakes is the best of course) and its amazing how easy it looks on TV. In reality it is actually quite challenging… In preparation for this cake I spend ridiculous amounts of money on equipment (everything is so expensive here in Germany) and watched thousands of Youtube videos on how to make gum paste roses. Its great how helpful those tutorials are, you should check them out!


The cake had three tiers, two with a strawberry and cream cake and one chocolate cake. It was served for my mums birthday party and everyone got to try a piece or two. Overall it was a great success and I was very proud. It looked far from perfect but making it is the fun part. Baking, cooling, and decorating took three days in total plus another day for the preparation of the roses.



The second cake was for my sisters 21st this summer.


After a really stressful year at university I felt like making a big cake again but didn’t have much time nor many people to eat it. I decided to make a two tier cake. The lower tier was a white cake filled with a raspberry cream and the top tier a walnut chocolate cake with matching buttercream (see Battenburg cake!). It was a great success even though the filling completely melted at temperatures of over 30°C.

photo 1

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