Madison London

A few weeks ago I spent a lovely evening at Madison, a restaurant located behind St. Pauls in London. The restaurant has been recommended to us and we did not know what to expect at all. The address 1 New Change, St. Paul’s is a shopping centre located in the middle of stock exchange offices. The restaurant and the separate Tapas bar are located on the rooftop of this complex and has a large terrace with a beautiful view over London’s skyline.

Entering the restaurant was quite a contrast to the calm setting of the terrace however. It was extremely loud and crowded, but mostly in the bar and drinks area of the restaurant. The food was amazing! I ordered Pata Negra as a starter and a Burger for main.Both were delicious and the portions were perfect.

They also do a “Deluxe Burger” with Foie gras and bone marrow, served with truffle fries. I am not too keen on Foie Gras, but those fries – heaven!

The prices range from 7-21 Pounds for starters and 17-32 Pounds for mains. I think the quality of the food absolutely worth the price.

Overall, it was a wonderful evening with nice food and drink. The restaurant is a popular spot in London and therefore quite busy. It is necessary to book a table in advance, but we managed to get one on the same day. So I recommend you go there when you happen to be in London Town 🙂

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