Our trip to Chicago was great and there are a few places that we liked most.

My very favourite number one place is Fox & Obel, a gourmet market with cafe and bistro attached. It is not the cheapest place but the quality of every single product is absolutely stunning. We like to get food for a picnic here and eat it at the beaches around Wilmette or Winnetka north of Chicago or at the Ravinia music festival.

Here are some examples of the foods that we tried (I couldnt get many pictures because my family was too fast in eating everything 😉 ):

Guacamole with Tomato Salsa on top. Absolutely creamy and tasty, the best guacamole I’ve ever had!

This chocolate tart is pure chocolate delight. A thin crust of chocolate tart filled with dark chocolate ganache! Yum.

This is a very interesting little thing. The “grizzly biscuit” is made of salted peanuts, caramel and white chocolate. A nice combination of flavours and a great accompaniment to coffee.

For breakfast we like to go to The Corner Bakery. They serve savoury sandwiches with scrambled eggs or oatmeal muesli with fresh fruit, the perfect breakfast for us jet-lagged Europeans.

This is the Berry Almond Swiss Oatmeal my personal favourite.

Gino’s East Pizza of Chicago is famous for their deep-dish pizza and when Americans say deep dish, they mean deep:

My sister and me decided to share a large pizza with 8 slices, we made it through two pieces each and couldn’t possibly eat any more. We had the pepperoni pizza with a one cm layer of cheese and tons of tomato sauce. My other sister ordered the sausage pizza that looked like this:

Incredible pizza but we couldnt even see pizza for days after eating this!

For lunch we tried several foodcourts in the city centre. There is a very large one in the Chase building (10 S Dearborn) with great choice of all sorts of foods. Another nice one is located in Macy’s in the Loop (111 N State) with a great salad bar and Chicago style hot dogs.

Overall this was a great holiday with great food in a wonderful city.



One thought on “Chicago

  1. I would recommend Georgio’s for deep dish pizza too, I tried that out near Chicago and their deep dish is awesome! Love all the food shots you took, looks like a food porno to me and it all looks so delish. 😉

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