Chocolate Bananas “Chicago Style”

Fruit covered in chocolate is pure heaven, but usually a mess to make. These chocolate bananas were my most favourite food as a three year old (in Chicago – they sell them as street food in the parks ❤ ) and I still absolutely love them. They are so easy to make so make them for all your friends and they will adore you 😉

you need:
milk chocolate
wooden skewers

Cut one large banana into three pieces and put on a skewer each. Freeze for at least 8 hours.

Break the chocolate into small chunks, place into a small pot and place into a large pot with boiling water. Melt the chocolate in the water bath.

Dip the banana skewers into the melted chocolate and spread it out evenly. It should cool down immediately and you get a nice chocolate  banana within a seconds.

Eat straight away or keep cool!



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