I have always been a meat lover and therefore not come across tofu very often. I have had it in stir frys, but only in its plain form without any marinade and was not particularly impressed by it.

Recently I decided to eat even more healthily than I do already and reduce my meat intake. This is why I bought some tofu yesterday and experimented a little bit with it today.

The first step was to marinate the tofu. I chose two different ones, one for the stir fry and one just to try out how the tofu tastes marinated for future use.
The stir fry marinade is my own creation and my favourite marinade for barbecues.
I never use exact amounts but add ingredients to taste (lemons have different sizes etc.).

Teriyaki sauce (soy sauce works as well)
Lemon juice
Crushed garlic
Some fresh red chilli

Mix the teriyaki sauce, lemon juice with honey first, taste and add the other ingredients.
Less leave in the marinade for some hours or over night.

For the stir fry, I took the tofu out of its marinade and cooked it in a griddle pan until it was browned.


I used a pre packed stir fry packet including garlic, onions, pak choi, carrots and asparagus. You can use all sorts of vegetables for the stir fry, be creative!

Heat some oil in a wok pan and add the vegetables. After about a minutely two add the tofu and cook for a few minutes. Use the marinade as a sauce for the stir fry.


This marinade worked really well for me. The citrus flavour and acidity combined with the
salty and sweet flavours were taken up by the tofu really well. It was great in combination with the vegetables and I will definitely eat this again soon!

Another marinade I tried was made of of a barbecue spice mix with a little olive oil.


After being cooked in a normal pan I tried it on its own. The flavour was generally quite nice but it was missing some acidity so maybe add some lemon juice.

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