Comfort Foods

Currently I’m very busy with revision for my eight exams in May. I revise 8-10 hours a day and I don’t have  time for much else. But of course I take breaks and use them to cook nice lunch and dinners, because I find cooking relaxing and takes my thoughts away from weird words, diseases and metabolic pathways.
Studying that many hours a day for a month is not easy and I need to treat myself with nice food to keep me motivated. This is where the comfort food comes in. I looooovvveee good food and I love the local sainsburys supermarket for all its foods.
Here are some examples for things that I (a student) an afford to buy and are absolutely amazing and delicious and make me happy:

This is the cheeseboard collection 5 for 10£ at Sainsburys. There are different cheeses to choose from (I think I saw a Blue cheese and Leicester in there today) and I chose a mature Gouda cheese, mature Cheddar, Spanish Manchego, Goats Cheese and a Camembert.
I tried the Manchego and Gouda with a red onion and black currant chutney which was a great combination. The goats cheese has exactly the right texture for me, relatively hard inside, a thin soft layer around it and then the crust – perfect!
The Camembert is veeeery big and still needs some time to mature (but I chose a relatively hard one just because I can’t eat 5 cheeses on my own in such a short time). Overall this is a great offer with high quality cheese (and I have tried many very good cheeses already). So if you live in the UK, go to your next Sainsbury’s, buy your cheese and invite your friends to have a lovely evening with a cheese platter.
If your not such a cheese-a-holic you can always buy one of these cheese plate cheeses for 3£ each which is still a good price!

The next nice treat is a tapas collection which I think is relatively new to Sainsburys. There are at least three different platters with the offer of 2 for 4£ or 6 for 10£. The quality is absolutely fantastic!


I chose the platter with green olives, Manchego cheese and semi dried tomatoes and the continental platter with German salami, French saucisson and pimento stuffed green olives. They are both delicious and I think the price is reasonably fair, too.

Now we get to a sweet treat that I had today. I suffered really badly from hay fever today and couldn’t concentrate on my developmental biology revision very well so I decided to go food shopping to Sainsburys again :-/

Apparently it’s summer now, all the offer shelves were full of Pimms lemonade ingredients and strawberries and cream. And their marketing works quite well. The cold and cloudy weather made me buy fresh strawberries and clotted cream oO


you think there is nothing richer in calories than cream? Wrong! There is something called clotted cream made of full fat cows milk with more than 50% fat and unfortunately it tastes divine. It is classically served with cream tea (tea, scones with clotted cream n strawberry jam) in England and it is absolutely delicious. I thought that I could leave out the calories and effort of scones today so I just dipped my strawberries into the clotted cream and it was pure heaven.



The homemade comfort food I made tonight will follow very soon: Earl grey cupcakes with lemon buttercream!

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