Sourdough Starter

The Fabulous Baker Brothers – a great British TV show for food lovers that is shown on Channel4. I have only watched it a couple of times but I was amazed by how easy baking and bread making can be. Recently, I bought their baking/cooking book and decided that I wanted to start some serious bread making.

Last week I went to the shops to buy the two main things you need for a sourdough starter: a digital scale and a kilner jar. First of all, I weighed my jar (so that I know how much sourdough I have in the end without having to take it out).

I then started with my culture by adding 75g wholemeal spelt flour and 75g (or ml) tepid water into the jar and gave it a good stir with a clean spoon.

I kept it in a relatively warm place in the kitchen and fed it with 75g wholemeal spelt flour and 75g tepid water every day for 6 days. I was supposed to feed the starter culture for 7 days, but unfortunately the jar I bought is not big enough for another feed.

The dough looks bubbly and fluffy and smells slightly sour. After weighing it again on my new digital scale 🙂 I calculated that I obtained about one kilogram of wonderful but not mature sourdough. That is quite a lot! I will now leave the jar in the fridge to mature for a couple of weeks before making my first sourdough bread 🙂

After deciding not to feed the culture again, I left it on the kitchen table (under a lamp), came back a couple of hours later and found this:


Make sure you use a big enough kilner jar and don’t leave it to stand in a very warm place, I guess we all learn from our mistakes 😉

I am also well prepared for the next stage sourdough bread making: I have ordered a proving basket for 1-1.5 kg breads online. I can’t wait for my dough to mature now and I will post about the result of my first attempt at sourdough bread making in a few weeks time!

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