Bake Off

I have decided to take part in a baking competition in August 🙂 The local gardening club is hosting their annual flower show and gardening competition on the 18th August and this year they added the baking competition to their program. I will be competing in most of the baking classes including:

Four Fairy Cakes with “Olympic Theme” decoration
Four Scones
Three fingers of Shortbread
Three chocolate Brownies
Six sweet biscuits
Victoria Sandwich
A Loaf od Bread
A selection of Sweets
Pot of Jam

I have some ideas for recipes and decoration already, but some of these categories are completely new territory for me. I will be looking through and trying out recipes over the summer so feel free to comment or send me an email with any suggestions and recipes ( I assume that the other competitors will be a lot more experienced than me (most of them are over 60 and housewives 😉 ) but I will try my best to beat them!

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