Veal Schnitzel with a Fresh Potato Salad

large veal escalope
1 egg
2-3 potatoes
5 cm cucumber
2 slices ham/bacon
1 shallot
2 gherkins
(wine) vinegar
olive oil
vegetable oil
1 lemon
cumberland sauce

Slice the potatoes and cook them in boiling saltwater. Cut the cucumber and gherkins into small cubes, dice the shallot. Cut off the fat if you are using bacon and fry in a pan without oil. Cut into small pieces and add to the cucumber, gherkins and shallot. Chop some parsley and add to the mixture.

For the dressing mix one tablespoon of olive oil, vegetable oil with one tablespoons of vinegar and lemon. Season with pepper and salt. Add about a tablespoon of cumberland sauce, maybe a bit less, depending on whether you like the taste. Pour dressing over the salad (it might be quite a lot of sauce, pour as much on it as you like) and mix it all up with the potatoes.

Stir egg yolk and white together on a plate, place some breadcrumbs on another plate. Dip the veal escalope into the egg mixture first and make sure it is completely covered in it. Then place the escalope into the breadcrumbs and cover it. Pour a lot of vegetable oil into a pan and let it heat up. Stick in a wooden spoon and the oil is hot enough for frying when it shows little bubbles on the spoon. Fry the escalope in the hot oil and place on kitchen paper afterwards to remove the excess oil.

Serve with the potato salad!


Printable PDF version:
Veal Schnitzel with a fresh Potato Salad

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