White Truffles with Raspberry Filling

white chocolate truffle shells
frozen raspberries
30g single cream
150g white chocolate
white chocolate covering

Defrost the raspberries in the microwave until they are very soft and blend afterwards. Sieve the blended raspberries and collect the purée. Bring the cream and 100g of the purée to a boil and chop the white chocolate into small chunks in the meantime. Pour the hot raspberry-cream over the chocolate chunks and stir until the chocolate is completely melted.
Leave the filling to cool down and fill the truffle shells leaving 2mm at the top empty.

White chocolate melts at relatively low temperatures, leave the filling until its at room temperature and try with one truffle shell before filling all of them. If the filling is still too hot the shells will melt away!
You can use different kitchen tools to fill the chocolates. If you don’t own one of these fancy chocolate filling devices you can use a piping bag. I can change the tip on my one which helps with very liquid or solid fillings. If you don’t have any just use a plastic bag with a small corner cut off. 

Melt white chocolate covering and leave to cool down a little after it is completely melted. Close the truffle shell with a little spoon and melted chocolate and wait until its cooled down. Finish off with dipping the whole truffle into the white chocolate covering (best with this special fork). Decorate with some icing sugar or dried raspberries. Be very careful with the temperature of the chocolate again, if it is too hot the whole truffle including the filling will melt away 😉

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