Shaped chocolates filled with Marzipan and Coconut Flakes

dark chocolate coating
coconut flakes
silicone moulds in different shapes

Melt the dark chocolate coating in a water bath (I used a big milk churn to make sure that no water enters and ruins the chocolate). Take the pot with the melted chocolate out of the water bath and leave to cool a little bit. Fill about half of the silicone moulds with chocolate and use a spoon to cover the sides of the moulds with chocolate, too. To speed up the cooling process you can put the silicone trays into the freezer after each step. When the first layer of chocolate is hard enough, check whether the sides are covered with chocolate or not. If the layer is too thin, it breaks very easily and the filling comes out (I know what I am talking about here ;)) You can add some more chocolate and cover the sides with an extra layer to make it more stable.

Cut the marzipan into chunks and put into some of the moulds and pour some coconut flakes into the rest. Finish off with some more melted chocolate on top and let the chocolate cool down completely before releasing from the silicone moulds.

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