This year I decided to make various chocolates with different fillings as christmas presents for my family and friends. This was the first attempt to make proper fillings and using pre-made truffle shells. I have learned some important lessons about chocolate by trying and I will share them with you 😉

The first step was to order truffle shells and some chocolate online. I used the website Pati-Versand, a German Pâtisserie shop. The order was delivered a few days later and looked great 🙂

I ordered white chocolate only and bought the rest of the chocolate in a normal supermarket. There was very little difference and therefore I would advice you to use normal cake chocolate coating (couverture) from the shops.

You can make your truffle shells yourself using moulds, but I found that it was cheaper and easier to buy the pre made ones. If you prefer to make your own ones you can order the moulds online and prepare them at least a day before filling the chocolates.

Most chocolate fillings contain some main ingredients. Cream is the basis of the filling and can take up flavour from various ingredients such as mint or chili. Fruity fillings are easily made with a fresh fruit puree and cream. The second step is then to bring the cream to a boil and mix with chopped chocolate . This will give a wonderfully smooth and creamy filling with a lot of flavour.

In addition, I used the “GU Pralinen & Konfekt” set which contained a booklet with recipes, different forks and some paper shells for chocolates.

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